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This Taco Is A Carnivore’s Catering Dream Come True

Here at Nómada we absolutely adore seafood as you can tell from here, here & here.  Heck, we even swoon for a great vegetarian dish now and then. But, we are also big carnivores and we just might have hit the motherlode.   Meet our signature...

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Private Tasting Night For A Prospective Micro Wedding Catering Client

Here at Nómada the best way to try all the mouth-watering delights that you see on our website is to, well, bite into it. And, recently we had the pleasure of giving a potential client that opportunity.   Not too...

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Taco Catering For An Orange County Birthday

If you’re going to celebrate, celebrate big. Ok, not too big. We’re still in the middle of a pandemic. So, let’s celebrate big and responsibly shall we? And, that’s what we did last Sunday in for this wonderful, intimate birthday...

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Exquisitely Juicy Pollo De Rancho Tacos

Featuring tender, juicy and flavor packed chicken breast that’s been deftly marinated and then grilled to juicy perfection, our Pollo de Rancho taco is a terrific hand-held treat sure to tantalized and delight.   Starting out with top quality ingredients...

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Taco Catering In Los Angeles

Our goal here at NOMADA is to provide a premium culinary experience and world class service for our clients and their guests. And, the other day we had the opportunity to do just that by showcasing our menu on a taco...

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Grinding And Making Blue Corn Tortillas The Traditional Way – By Hand

Manually grinding corn kernels then grilling them up is a tradition dating back thousands of years in Mexico. The other day we explored this time honored technique to help create a couple of delightful treats. Let’s get something out of...

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