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Private Tasting Night For A Prospective Micro Wedding Catering Client

Here at Nómada the best way to try all the mouth-watering delights that you see on our website is to, well, bite into it. And, recently we had the pleasure of giving a potential client that opportunity.


Not too long ago a prospective customer contacted us about possibly catering for her daughter’s wedding, which was taking place next month in Newport Beach. Originally, they had a huge soiree planned, but due to the pandemic they had to scale things down to a micro wedding.


She came across our Instagram profile (which we hope you’re following, too!) and shot us a quick message asking to try our food. Of course, we were happy to oblige.


So, what you see in today’s blog post are just a few of the highlights from that evening. Check it out!


Tasting night was last Thursday and it was an absolute success!



Our appointment was last Thursday night and we kicked off the meeting with a few appetizers, like the one you see here which is our Tostadita de Chorizo. This tasty bite is made with top quality organic pork, a fresh made tortilla chip and a velvety layer of housemade guacamole.


Made with organic pork and farm fresh guacamole, our Tostadita de Chorizo was a great way to kick off the meeting.


To help wash things down we served up a tall glass of ice cold agua fresca which featured fresh squeezed blood oranges and a variety of citruses. It’s been a bit warm here in SoCal lately, so this was absolutely refreshing!


Our blood orange agua fresca is a perfect refreshment on a warm Orange County day.




From there it was time to try out the tacos! For this taste test we offered our very best like our savory Carne Asada made with juicy prime rib of steak, succulent al pastor pork, ocean fresh Chilean Sea Bass (which you can see in the lead photo of this blog) and straight from the farm vibrant veggie tacos. As is customary, we offered all these handheld delights on a fresh, hand-pressed tortilla.


The savory Al Pastor taco was topped off with a nicely charred grilled pineapple.


To help our lovely client customize her own taco masterpiece, we presented several traditional condiments like fresh cut limes, onions and cilantro.


Our tantalizing carne asada taco featured top quality prime rib of steak, grilled to perfection.


And, to help bring the ensemble to a higher level we also offered our signature Salsa de Manzano, which consists of roasted Chile Manzano and a host of herbs and spices. This wonderfully versatile condiment goes with almost anything! This tangy, spicy salsa is a Nómada exclusive and easily an  instant classic.


Our signature Salsa Manzano offers a little bit of heat but with a lot of flavor!



To help end the meeting on a tasty note, we offered up one of the most delicious desserts available, a passionfruit cheesecake made by one of the best bakers in the industry Nordic Princess Cheesecake.


A beautiful passionfruit cheesecake made by our friends at Nordic Princess Cheesecake.

For this occasion, our friends whipped up this tasty treat which was not only citrusy and creamy, but it was like enjoying rays of sunshine in each bite. So good!




From the feedback we received it seems all went very well. Everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves and the kitchen was absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to show off their skills.


Food is better when it’s shared. Here at Nómada we strive to be the best taco catering company in Orange County and beyond, so we are always surrounded by terrific cuisine.  But, we know it’s meant to be released into the community. And, this was a great experience for everyone involved.


If you are interested in more information about our catering packages and you would like to book a tasting of our fine fare, do not hesitate to hit up our contact form and one of our friendly event coordinators would be happy to set something up.


Thanks for taking the time to read our blog! We look forward to serving you soon. Buen provecho!

Private Tasting Night For A Prospective Micro Wedding Catering Client