Tacos forseekers

The head chefs of NOMADA have been satisfying the scruples of Southern California’s most discerning and adventurous palettes

NOMADA is the latest, most mobile expression of that unerring pursuit of culinary excellence—it’s world-class flavor filled with the roaming soul of California.

Culinary team

Executive Chef Javier Zambrano oversees both creative and operational activities at Soho Taco, including on-site taco cart catering, gourmet food truck events, and brick-and-mortar matters. He pioneered the majority of Soho Taco's wildly popular menu, which includes such creations as the delectable vegetarian and shrimp tacos.

Javier’s prestigious expertise in the culinary arts spans several decades. Most recently, he left a prominent position as Executive Chef at the critically-acclaimed Luna Mexican Grill in Corona, California. Prior to that, Zambrano helmed noted eateries such as Taco Rosa, Taco Mesa, and served almost a decade at the highly-regarded Las Brisas of Laguna Beach, California.

Soulon the move

Inspired by the movers of the world, NOMADA takes its name and its unique culinary culture from nomads everywhere, finding a kindred spirit with the many traditional peoples and cultures who have the urge to move rather than stay put.

We find our passion and our labor in bringing Michelin-star quality to each and every client, in a mobile dining experience that captures the soul of togetherness. Where experiences are happening, there NOMADA goes.

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