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Exquisitely Juicy Pollo De Rancho Tacos

Featuring tender, juicy and flavor packed chicken breast that’s been deftly marinated and then grilled to juicy perfection, our Pollo de Rancho taco is a terrific hand-held treat sure to tantalized and delight.


Starting out with top quality ingredients is key to any recipe. And, this special request item is no exception. For this exquisite dish our Executive Chef Javier Zambrano selected free range chicken, which not only served as the inspiration for its name but also assures a higher quality meat.




Free range chicken is a type of farming method where the birds are allowed to walk around freely, as opposed to being caged up in a container all its life. This produces many many benefits, such boosts of vitamin D, less need for antibiotics and of course natural pest control.


We start with top quality, free range poultry that’s grilled to juicy perfection.

This results in poultry that’s richer in vitamins and minerals, leaner meats and premium textures. And, most importantly, a farm animal that enjoyed a higher quality of life. Overall, a huge benefit if you’re looking for that extra special chicken taco.




To assure even cooking, Chef placed each chicken breast on the cutting board and sliced into each one essentially opening up the meat in a butterfly fashion. Then while using a kitchen mallate he pounded the poultry into even thinner portions.



Check out the cooking process in action with our quick little video!

From there he sprinkled generous amounts of seasoning all over the scallop slices, turned them over and proceeded accordingly to make sure both sides were covered. Once completed he gently layered each one side by side on the grill.


The cooking process was very quick, only about 1 or 2 minutes on each side. It was easy to see the meat turn opaque throughout since they were pounded thin, so it was time to prepare the meal.


To ensure even cooking, the poultry is thinly sliced and then pounded even thinner with a kitchen mallet.



One of the vital cornerstone to any good taco is the condiments. A good salsa helps round out the experience and most would agree it isn’t a taco without one.


For this handheld delight, Chef whipped up a tangy, spicy slaw made up of chopped radicchio, spicy fresh chiles and a special blend of herbs and spices.


This bright and crispy profile of this delicacy helped provide the perfect balance to offset the savory nature of the main ingredient, but without overpowering it. The combination of the two was absolutely fantastic.




Assembly started with the tortillas which were fresh, hand-pressed and piping hot off the grill. If we’re going to have an exceptional chicken taco, a fresh tortilla is almost vital. And, for this dish we pressed just the right amount.


On top of the tortilla Chef slathered on a generous serving of Mexican chipotle sour cream, which served as the bed for the sliced up chicken pieces. Then, he crowned the grilled poultry with the relish mixture mentioned earlier and a little bit of traditional cotija cheese.


It’s amazing how Chef can easily take an ordinary, almost boring piece of meat and then transform it into a wonderfully juicy masterpiece. From the tender chicken to the wonderfully tangy salsas and to the fluffy tortilla, the combination is absolutely delicious.


Our Taco De Pollo De Rancho is sure delight even the most finicky palate.




If you haven’t had a chance to review our catering menus, be sure to click here and enjoy the wonderful selections we have to offer. Then, after reviewing the options you still think you need that extra something-something, we hope you consider our Pollo de Rancho taco.


It’s simple yet sophisticated and easily a wonderful addition to any microwedding, birthday or corporate function. So, be sure to hit up our contact page for more information on how to bite into this delicacy at your next function.


Buen provecho!

Exquisitely Juicy Pollo De Rancho Tacos