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Taco Catering For An Orange County Birthday

If you’re going to celebrate, celebrate big. Ok, not too big. We’re still in the middle of a pandemic. So, let’s celebrate big and responsibly shall we? And, that’s what we did last Sunday in for this wonderful, intimate birthday gathering in the heart of Orange County.

Celebrating Brianna’s sister’s birthday was an absolute pleasure for us.

Not too long ago talented photographer, good friend and our wedding industry colleague Brianna Caster of Brianna Caster & Co Photography, took some headshots of our core management group that came out eye-poppingly fantastic. In fact, you can check them out here on our About Us page.


So, we wanted to return the favor by helping her celebrate an upcoming special occasion. When she mentioned that she was going to have a small gathering to honor the birthday of her sister, we jumped at the opportunity to participate. And, we’re so glad that we did. It was an absolute blast and judging from the feedback we received it sounds like everyone enjoyed themselves as well.

Everything’s more mouth-watering when it’s in motion!




For this occasion we wanted to roll in our taco cart to their orange county home, that way we could grill on site and showcase our cuisine and our service. So, Chef Javier and crew whipped up a few items in the kitchen, loaded up the van and headed off to Brianna’s to get started on the feast.

Beautiful, clean & modern, our taco carts are built to showcase the good eats to come.


Upon arrival we managed to locate a snug location at the residence, then we were able to set up the cart quickly and easily. From there we got started on the good eats.




We wanted to make sure that everyone had a great memory of the festivities and to remember the cuisine fondly, so Chef Javier pulled out all the stops and showcased some of our finest offerings.

Juicy, tender & flavorful prime rib eye steak served as our carne asada taco.


For example, the carne asada tacos we grilled up top quality prime rib eye steak that turned out absolutely juicy and flavorful. We accompanied that with a taco de pescado made with ocean fresh Chilean Sea Bass, as well as sweet and savory al pastor which consisted of premium duroc pork.

Exquisite ocean fresh chilean sea bass served as the main ingredient in our taco de pescado.


Of course not everyone is carnivorous, so we were proud to offer a terrific meat free option for our vegetarian friends which consisted of meaty portobello mushroom, vibrant green spinach, a host of other farm fresh produce, herbs and spices.

What’s better than a plate full of tacos? TWO plates full of tacos!


To help bring the experience to a higher level, we were proud to offer all of our tacos on a fresh, hand-pressed tortilla which was made only moments before the first bites.

Here’s a guest enjoying many of our meat free options all showcased on an environmentally friendly bamboo plate.




There is a holy trinity that helps to make up the main components of a great taco: the featured ingredient, the tortilla and the salsa. We didn’t want to neglect the latter part, so we made sure to offer some of our finest condiments as well.

Guests enjoyed (clockwise) refried beans, lemon rice, salsa morita, guacamole and salsa de chile manzano. 


From our mild offerings such as creamy, fresh made guacamole and smokey red hued salsa morita, to our spicier sun rise colored Salsa Manzano, we hopefully covered all the flavor components that any one would have needed to create their own hand held masterpiece.

To help everyone create their own customized masterpieces, we offered a host of colorful & delectable condiments.


Then, to round off everyone’s meals, we presented some delectable side dishes that helped fill up everyone’s plates, such as creamy refried beans and fluffy lemon rice.

Our signature salsa de chile manzano goes great with any of our fine dishes.




Hopefully all of these good eats have you some mouth watering inspirations for your upcoming special occasion, whether it’s a micro-wedding or an employee appreciation. And, if so, do not hesitate to drop us a line and one of our friendly event coordinators would be thrilled to present some lip smacking possibilities.

Gourmet taco cart catering is a great way to celebrate any occasion.


Until then we want to thank Brianna and her family for opening her doors to us. We had a great time grilling for everyone and it was an absolute pleasure. We look forward to serving you again soon.


Buen provecho!

Taco Catering For An Orange County Birthday