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Taco Catering In Los Angeles

Our goal here at NOMADA is to provide a premium culinary experience and world class service for our clients and their guests. And, the other day we had the opportunity to do just that by showcasing our menu on a taco cart in Los Angeles.


For this occasion, we were asked to cater for a company holiday party in the harbor town of San Pedro and our team was eager to please.


Although our homebase is in Orange County, we often venture up North into Los Angeles County since many of our best clients are located in the area. And, on this day, we were asked to fire up the grill and serve some of our finest fare for this lovely group.


Grilling a fresh batch of carne asada.



The guest list for this special corporate event was pretty modest and not too many people were at work this day. But, the goal was to make sure there was something for everyone.

Check out our video showcasing the festivities!

So, this menu was definitely a hit with carnivores, vegetarians, pescatarians and everyone in between.

To help kick off the festivities we offered one of our favorite appetizers, our Quesadillas de Flor de Calabaza (or squash blossom quesadillas). Made with bright orange flowers, spicy corn based salsa, creamy cheese all served on a fresh, hand-pressed tortilla, this was an exceptional choice for appetizers.

All tortillas were fresh and hand-pressed on site.

As for the tacos themselves, on hand we grilled up our savory carne asada, succulent blue shrimp, astounding spicy potato, delectable al pastor and vibrant veggie tacos.


To help round out the meals, our cooks generously offered creamy black beans, fluffy Spanish rice and crisp, fresh made tortilla chips.


Edible borage or starflowers served as a colorful garnishment

Then, of course, you can’t forget the salsas! On hand one of our chefs carefully topped off plates with creamy guacamole, spicy salsa de chile manzano and a beautiful selection of farm fresh cilantro, onions and limes.


Under normal circumstances guests would simply serve themselves for much of the offerings, but of course these are not normal times.


Agua fresca de jamaica was on hand to quench thirsts.

To help make sure everyone is served safely and enjoy themselves throughout the event worry free, we made a few adjustments and took extra precautions to help put everyone at ease.


First off, all of our chefs are required to wear face masks and gloves at all times. The masks are new due to current world events, but the gloves were something we’ve been doing for many years and came easily to us.


World class service that aims to please, safely of course.

Additionally, many items are no longer self-serve and require the use of a chef’s assistance. For example, the beans and rice were served by the cook at the taco cart. The salsas and condiments were carefully distributed by another chef who was happy to help. And, the aguas frescas were served in individual cups that were covered and set on a table ready to be enjoyed.


As an added bonus, the entire event took place outdoors in the open air. Not only was this to help with the billows of smoke that emanated from the taco cart while grilling, but this also helped stop any unwanted transmissions.


Another satisfied guest carrying a plate full of premium tacos

Taco Catering In Los Angeles