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This Taco Is A Carnivore’s Catering Dream Come True

Here at Nómada we absolutely adore seafood as you can tell from herehere & here.  Heck, we even swoon for a great vegetarian dish now and then. But, we are also big carnivores and we just might have hit the motherlode.


Meet our signature Taco de Costilla De Res. This savory, melt-in-your-mouth delight features short rib of beef prepared sous vide, house made salsa de chimichurri guacamole, caramelized onions and a velvety reduction sauce.


It’s rather mooooo-velous. Get it? Because it’s from a cow? Ok, we’ll show our way out…..


Anyway, let us tell you more about how we prepared this fine delicacy.


Check out our Short Rib Taco video!




To help make this tough cut of meat more palatable, Chef Javier cooked the meat in a sous vide bath at 131°F for 48 eight hours. Yes, 2 days.


The low temperature and lengthy time was needed to help break down the connective tissues and convert this bad boy from its chewy, unpleasant state to a more buttery smooth texture.

Before it was sealed in the bag, the short rib was vacuum sealed with grilled onions, citrus and a host of herbs and spices. 


And, to help enhance its flavors, we vacuum sealed it with sweet blood oranges, grilled onions and a host of herbs and spices.

Sealed with a kiss…. from our kitchen appliance.

Immediately after the end of the set time period, Chef removed it from the bag and threw it on the grill for a couple of minutes on each side, until it developed a deep, dark and flavorful crust.

Post sous vide grilling on the flat top plancha. Check out the marbleization on that beauty! 

From there we let it rest a few minutes then we sliced it up for the tacos.


And, of course, we didn’t waste the leftover juices in the bag. Chef made sure to pour it into a sauce pan and reduce it to a smooth, thick salsa that was perfect for drizzling over the meat.




Argentina is world famous for its it’s beef dishes and what better way to complement a fine cut of short rib than with a salsa de chimichurri?

Behold our Salsa de Chimichurri Guacamole, a lovely marriage between Mexico & Argentina.

Traditionally this condiment is made with parsley, garlic, olive oil and a few herbs & spices. Chef decided to put a more South of the Border spin on it by adding some spicy chiles and guacamole.


The result is a truly luxurious sauce that’s not only packed with flavor, but enjoys a velvety texture that perfectly enhances the savory beef component of the taco.




If the carnivore(s) in your life have a big celebration coming up, say a birthday, graduation or even a romantic little micro wedding, this is the perfect taco to serve up at the festivities.


The combination of the deep, rich flavors from the tender beef, paired with the exquisite chimichurri is nothing less than sublime.


If you’re going to celebrate any milestone occasion, taco catering is the best way to make the day memorable. And, if you go that route, our Taco De Costilla De Res would be the crown jewel on your plates.


So, if you have any questions about our catering packages and how you can have this hand-held delight served at your upcoming event feel free to drop us a line on our catering request form and one of our friendly event coordinators would be happy to assist.


Until then, we look forward to serving you soon. Buen provecho!

This Taco Is A Carnivore’s Catering Dream Come True